I'm Michael Rivera, and welcome to my website!

Here, you can find all sorts of projects and stuff that I have worked on, been doing, or going to do in the future. You may recognize me from all over the internet as "Peeps40836", or maybe you stumbled upon my longest running "project" (now called a series) that has been worked on for more than a decade and I am still working on it today: Michael & PiggyMcPig. No matter where you're coming from, I hope that you'll enjoy my site, now with Dark Mode. Before you can explore anywhere, I must warn you that some of the projects here are completely dead and/or garbage. You can see which one's are the best and worst by checking out the Projects page. If you're there, you can also see all the other projects that I've worked on as well. That's all I have to say about myself for now. Go look around and have fun exploring the official website for horrible ideas.